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Helping You…

Achieve Enduring Financial Health

Live the Life You Desire

Through Our Coordinated Approach to Retirement Income Strategies

Discover What We Can Do for You

Melton & Company

Your Guide to Retiring Smarter, Living Better

Serving Metro Atlanta & the U.S.

Working to help you live more and worry less.

Because a retirement income strategy without protection is a risk for those you love, everything you have, and the wealth you’ve built.

Let us help you create guaranteed financial stability—and a path to your life goals.

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Why Melton & Company?

Partnering with us means your financial life will be…


Most people have financial “stuff” everywhere—from 401(k)’s and IRAs to checking and savings accounts. We help coordinate each area to work together towards your goals, and we provide you with ONE easy-to-understand snapshot of your finances.


We work with you to put the right measures into place to help safeguard your assets and your family. We’re proactive in checking the “what-if” boxes to minimize anything that could derail your financial health.


Through planning and guidance, we seek out opportunities

to help you grow your wealth, protect your financial future, and have tax efficiencies. 

We’re dedicated to continually looking for ways to assist you on your path to your goals and the life you want to live.

Enhancing Your Life with a Personally Tailored Strategy

Whether you are…

In the midst of your career and looking to build wealth

An ambitious individual or family seeking to to grow your legacy

Managing significant wealth and want to minimize taxes

Retiring soon and ready for the freedom to live your dreams

…we provide individualized attention and expertise to help build a strategy customized to your goals.

Jon Melton

Jon Melton

Founder & Managing Partner – Melton & Company

As the owner and founder of Melton & Company, Jonathan Melton is dedicated to crafting balanced strategies that help his neighbors pursue the quality of life many fail to achieve. His personalized service approach starts by asking, “What keeps you up at night?” From there, Jon builds the strategy that’s right for you, instilling confidence that lasts through your entire retirement. 

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What Keeps You Up at Night?

Understanding your concerns and biggest aspirations is where we begin. Get in touch to see how we can transform these into a written, coordinated strategy for your future.

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