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Who We Are

Serving As a Trusted Financial Professional to You and Your Family Is Our Mission

About Melton & Company

Building Wealth and Opportunity Since 1999

Melton & Company is a financial and insurance services firm. Utilizing a comprehensive approach to your wealth management, we help ensure that your financial plan is protected against potential challenges to your goals—while exploring new ways to help you reach them.

Our firm is rooted in a family-oriented approach. Like our clients, we strive to help safeguard our loved ones. We understand the importance of having a clear financial picture and work to make that a reality for each client and their family.

Our promise is to consistently provide personalized service, creative strategizing, and a relentless commitment to success, as you define it.

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Jon Melton

Founder & Managing Partner


Jon Melton

Founder & Managing Partner

Jonathan Melton, owner and founder of Melton and Company, knows firsthand how a written, balanced financial plan can afford his neighbors the luxuries and peace of mind many fail to achieve.

Early in his career, Jonathan saw how his late father-in-law’s retirement plan provided his family an exceptional quality of life. But more than that, it created a legacy. His father-in-law’s planning triggered a ripple effect that elevated his whole family’s ability to invest in education, lifestyle, and business ventures—creating more avenues for advancement for generations to come.

In 1999, Jonathan formed Melton and Company, and over the years he has built it into what it is today, a full-service financial firm. Melton and Company has the ability to create custom and comprehensive plans for each client. He and his Griffin-based team are dedicated to providing peace of mind and comfort to his clients across the country through written financial plans.

Because each individual is unique, every plan starts with a simple question: “What keeps you up at night?” Each client is provided with a custom plan and the personalized service needed to feel confident in their retirement.

Jonathan spends his spare time learning through mentorship with other leaders in the financial industry and finding new planning opportunities, earning him membership to the Million Dollar Roundtable. When he is not working with his clients, Jonathan makes new memories with his high school sweetheart-turned-wife, their two daughters, and the family dog, Bentley.